Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Debt Report

We didn't do nearly as well in December when it came to paying down the loan, but that was primarily because of Christmas shopping and the fact that I was investing my paychecks for the month in a fledgling home business.  In the end, we only reduced our total by another 3% since the last report, for a total of 14% paid.  Still, that isn't too shabby considering a regular monthly payment is 0.76%.

Part of our 2013 resolutions will be to attack this thing with all guns available.  Since my job is apparently no longer seasonal, that should help.  We'll see how long it lasts.  In the meantime, I'll try to get my cottage jewelry business up and running to pick up the slack if they decide they can't afford me.

We just fired our first salvo of the year, which should knock off another 2.1%.  The goal is still 3.5% per month.

A more encouraging view would be to consider our TOTAL family debt ever has been 48% paid.  Booya.


  1. I actively try to not-think about our family debt; the wife and I have proven to be really bad at budgetting, and I'm afraid our expenses (by which I mean the little luxuries we barely think about before buying, constantly) are slowly-but-surely spinning out of control. I know we have upwards of $30k on credit cards (and Christmas always makes that worse, try though we might), and we still have $50k+ on her student loans, nevermind the nearly $500k+ we owe when you include our two mortgages (that one dwarfs everything else into hilarity, and contributes to my Sysiphitic resignation).

  2. Oh, dear . . . you just made me a little sick on your behalf. Our little $23k student loan looks like peanuts now. Oh, and I think there's $140.00 on credit cards.

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