Friday, May 1, 2015

Tastes of the Week

I've started to notice that we are falling into a rut as regards our culinary habits.  There are too many interesting edible items on this earth to be limited to the basic selection of the average supermarket.  So, I think we should try experiencing something new each week.  Here's what we've tried so far.

Kumquats.  Tiny oranges the size of cherry tomatoes that taste like lemons.  Not really good for a quick snack, and really hard to make juice with.  Better left for people making preserves.

Passion fruit juice.  Maybe one day we'll find an actual passion fruit.  Tastes like mangoes. 

Eggplant.  Sort of weirdly bland and peppery at the same time.  Not sure it's worth the bother of preparation.

Star fruit, product of Taiwan. Great for garnish, but not much to eat.  Tastes like an apple collided with a pear.