Saturday, March 8, 2014

Personal Makeover 2014

Ok.  My goal for the year (besides clearing out and using up all the craft supplies) is to stop wallowing in self-pity and carbohydrates and flatter my vanity a little bit with a personal makeover.  Technically I already started in December with the dramatically short haircut, but now that the latest pregnancy misery is over with, I have other plans.

The first is to lose twenty pounds.  My wedding weight was an all-time best at 145, last seen four years ago.  We've been going to the gym a lot lately.  It's a long way away, it smells like sweat, and it's full of grumpy stinky people, but a commitment is a commitment.  I'm starting at 165.

The other major item is another tattoo, this time the coat of arms awarded to St. Joan of Arc.  I'll do that instead of hitting the Reese's cups this time.
Maybe I'll also buy myself another awesome pair of boots.  

Meanwhile the OBGYN wants to do more ultrasounds, blood tests and chromosomal analysis.  At this point I'm just ready to walk away and be done, but Dave wants to know.  So, in two weeks I'll go get poked with pins some more.