About Us

We're just a couple of nerds who met at a tiny Catholic college in Virginia and eventually realized we were made for each other.

Graduation was followed by an annoying long-distance relationship and some dead-end retail jobs thanks to the economic downturn which greeted our class of newly-minted diplomas.

Married at last, we were immediately swept away on our ongoing adventure with the US Navy.  And by immediately, I mean at 0500 the following morning.  No honeymoon for us.

Unfortunately, this is where the master plan changed dramatically.  Our dreams of a growing family were replaced by the reality of four miserable and ill-fated pregnancies.

Alexis Constans
13 weeks
Celestine Michel
6 weeks

David Edward
24 weeks

Florian Casimir
6 weeks

Apparently I have lots of interesting reproductive problems, but rather than face the prospect of innumerable blood tests and procedures, we have opted to try procuring children who have already made it safely into the outside world.  Stay tuned for the adoption saga.

In the meantime, we acquired a toy poodle as a kind of consolation prize.  Lady Dulcinea Andromache (or "Andy") is quite the princess, but we love her to bits.

P.S. ~ Obviously things have changed now that little Miss Johanna has arrived on the scene, a testament to uterine surgery and progesterone therapy.  I'm not keen on experiencing it all again, so the adoption saga might still happen.


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