Friday, December 24, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Gassed

Merry Christmas Eve!  Nothing encourages the old holiday cheer like waking up at 3 AM and realizing the mysterious neighborhood skunk has blitzed the house once again.  We set up a fortress of air fresheners, but only the allergen filter had any lasting effect.  Fortunately the neighbors have given us dogsitting duty over the entire holiday, so we have a place to which to flee.  Unfortunately, they have no Christmas decor at all.  If nothing else, it will match the general shambles our holiday plans have become.

We were going to roast a duck, but the scourge of morning sickness has persisted into week 15 and cooking is the last thing on my mind.  We decided to get Chinese takeout today and have hotdogs tomorrow.  Not very traditional, but tasty.