Saturday, April 18, 2015

Positive Developments

Olive oil to the rescue, once again.  Great for raw skin,and for lubricating flanges of unfortunate size. We are back in business where the pumping is concerned.

Also, JoJo has finally (mostly) overcome her uncoordinated attempts at nursing.  She still comes down pretty hard with the gums sometimes, but we've had more success lately than not, free from the pressure of lactation specialists.  No nipple shields, supplementation tubes, or other strange devices.  She just needed some time to sort herself out and grow a bigger mouth.  Nipple confusion is totally not a thing in her case; she knows exactly what everything is for.  Again, smart but lazy.  We'll have to practice some more mobile positions before we attempt it in public, because I'm not dragging that ergonomic pillow she likes so much around everywhere.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Joys and Woes of the First Month

They weren't kidding when they talk about the proverbial sleepless nights.  I don't actually have any room to complain, because for the most part JoJo sleeps pretty soundly, wakes up to be changed and fed, and then obligingly goes back to sleep.  My routine is slightly encumbered by the subsequent chores of pumping and cleaning pump parts, after which I am allowed to go back to bed.  The trouble is that I don't ever remember sleeping, just constantly waking up to the same tasks, like groundhog day.

Pumping milk is a drag.  I waffle between loving it and hating it, and right now I'm not a fan.  I can build the thing and break it down like a Marine field stripping a rifle, sometimes literally in my sleep.  Unfortunately for me, my skin obligingly expands to overcrowd any size flange available, so chafing has become a real problem, aggravated by JoJo's chomping pseudo-latch when we attempt direct nursing.  At this point, I've discovered it's less painful and sometimes quicker to express by hand than to be bothered assembling and cleaning the pump.  I have a new affinity and pity for dairy cows and their lot in life.  It doesn't help that the largest nursing bra Amazon had to offer is too small, resulting in an almost constant war on blocked ducts, which has in turn made the baffling lack of hot water in the shower a critical issue.  I begin to suspect we share a hot water heater with the neighbors upstairs.  On particularly bad days, sleep once again takes a back seat to a steamy therapeutic shower at 0300, because it is absolutely worth it.

On the positive side, she's much cuter now!  And she opens her eyes a lot more.  She doesn't mind being put down, and is still quite content to sleep most of the day.  You would think I'd have many opportunities to nap, but having another diurnal critter around who would very much like to play or just howl bloody murder at passers by complicates things.

As babies go, she's remarkably low maintenance.  She sleeps in the car, and is generally happy to carry on napping in the car seat through any errand I need to run so long as we keep it under an hour or two.  We have yet to manage her grand debut at church, but we hope for the best.  Today will be the first time I attempt to take her along to Andy's doggie playdate.  I look forward to the day when she can finally hold her head up and fit in the Ergo carrier, which is a lot easier to get into alone than the wrap.  We broke in the stroller for the first time yesterday, and managed a casual pack walk with the dog, who is fortunately better behaved in the presence of baby than otherwise.

Interesting updates to follow as they occur. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015