Saturday, April 18, 2015

Positive Developments

Olive oil to the rescue, once again.  Great for raw skin,and for lubricating flanges of unfortunate size. We are back in business where the pumping is concerned.

Also, JoJo has finally (mostly) overcome her uncoordinated attempts at nursing.  She still comes down pretty hard with the gums sometimes, but we've had more success lately than not, free from the pressure of lactation specialists.  No nipple shields, supplementation tubes, or other strange devices.  She just needed some time to sort herself out and grow a bigger mouth.  Nipple confusion is totally not a thing in her case; she knows exactly what everything is for.  Again, smart but lazy.  We'll have to practice some more mobile positions before we attempt it in public, because I'm not dragging that ergonomic pillow she likes so much around everywhere.