Friday, May 4, 2012

My Opinion of Conspiracy Theories

My first thought when confronted by rumor of vast and ancient conspiracies which allegedly threaten to destroy the world is that human beings are far too disorganized and self-absorbed to carry it off.  Just look at any government program.  It would be hopeless.  The only reason the Catholic Church is still around is because God knew we were lousy bowlers and put the bumpers in our alley.

However, that being said, I am willing to consider any rumored conspiracy which functions on the premise that human beings are selfish and happy to rip off their fellow man if they think they can get away with it. I can also understand the possibility that a few fancy-pants "intellectuals" with entirely too much money could fill the idle hours of their day stroking their egos by inventing ways to mold society into the latest fashionable image so they can feel enlightened, modern, and relevant.

What is the common end to all these supposed conspiracies?  There are several, but in the end it all basically boils down to world domination.  Cue maniacal laughter.  What is that?  Nobody could want the impossible stress and responsibility of actually ruling the world, so is it just about a power trip?  It would be entirely unbelievable in a novel, but it seems to be an end in itself.  Why?  I have struggled with this question in writing my own novel, and have not yet found a satisfactory answer.  I keep coming back to the unholy trinity of power, fame, and fortune.  "Just because," doesn't cut it.

There are plenty of nitty-gritty short term conspiracies current right now, some of which I'm actually inclined to give a second glance.  We don't have to search the world, as some of the best are circling in a holding pattern over Washington D.C.  Take the simple matter of Obama's constitutional eligibility (or, rather, the lack thereof) to be president in the first place, which at this point seems cut and dried despite the mainstream media blackout.  Even the cover-up was sloppy.  Any self-respecting editor would send that novelist packing in a heartbeat.  Then there's the slightly less dry notion that Andrew Breitbart might have had some unsolicited help going into cardiac arrest, made even more interesting by the sudden demise of his coroner as well.  Ah, juicy.  Then we can cap all this off with the Rockefellers and all the other mysterious societies in the world pushing us into a global socialist utopia rife with population control.

Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't.  What really would be the point?  Is it some kind of secular moral victory?  Do they just love standing in breadlines?  I have no idea.  Are they really willing to destroy the nation which in many cases made them successful in the first place simply to score a win for socialism and supposedly save the polar ice caps???  Honestly, without some demonic impetus, it really makes no sense.  Go ahead, shoot yourself in the foot.  Seems like the fashionable liberal thing to do.

On some level, I'm too phlegmatic to care.  What am I going to do about it?  I know what I think, I'm perfectly willing to share what I think, but there aren't many people who are actually going to listen to me.  I'll continue to do my best to lead a Catholic life, vote, blog, and express my displeasure to the appropriate authorities as often as I feel persecuted.  They won't listen, but at least I've said it.

Regardless of how much truth there may be in all this, I think I may safely consider myself warned that there are quite a few filthy rich people with evil overlord complex at large in the world who just can't wait to ruin our lives.  There always have been, and there always will be.  Fortunately, I happen to know I'm on the winning team.  So, just keep playing like Somebody is still keeping score.  He'll have the last word.

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  1. I hope and pray that when the bully is in my face I'll know God's will for me. Will it be to fight like El Cid, or to silently pray in prison like Peter?