Friday, October 4, 2013

This Month's Magic Number Is . . .

200.  It's been turning up a lot in this first week.

  • $200 for student loan
  • $200 for credit card #1
  • $200 for credit card #2
  • -$200 in pay while the government is "shut down"

and finally, the surprise of the morning .  .  .

  • $200+ in emergency veterinary care for vomiting and bloody diarrhea. 
Really, puppy?  Credit card #2 was just a fraction of the payoff for her spay, and now it's right back up there where we started.  Stop being sick!  :(

Fortunately for her, I was just reflecting yesterday on how much I like our dog and how great it is to have her around.  The expense is worth it in the end, but seriously, that's enough for now.  

With any luck, I can finish a few commissions soon which should be worth about $200.  Should be able to get a lot of work done while the doggie is sick/napping in her quarantine pen.

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