Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obamapocolypse Now

I hope all the Sandra Flukes of the world can rest easy knowing they enjoy free birth control at the expense of a young boy with a life-threatening milk allergy who can now barely afford his EpiPens, the family of ten who now live on ramen noodles with limited utilities in a futile attempt to afford medical supplies for their two children with Type 1 Diabetes, the self-employed chiropractor who can no longer afford his home and had to move his family of five into a friend's house, the families who are proactively quitting their jobs and declaring bankruptcy to qualify for Medicaid rather than face even more devastating financial ruin, the small business owners who are closing their doors because their healthcare plans will now negate their profits, the single mothers who now must work two part-time jobs because government regulations slashed their hours, and the doctors who are seeking early retirement or considering leaving the country because they feel the new government standards of limited care violate the Hippocratic Oath.

What a wonderful enlightened world we live in.  Many thanks to Matt Walsh for putting this compilation together.  People need to be aware of the real human cost.  For some reason, the Affordable Car Act has left millions of Americans out of work, out of money, out of options, and still unable to afford what used to be basic healthcare.

It used to be an option to just do without what you cannot afford.  Now if we try to do without, we are fined for our trouble.  They will get you either way.  Unless you actually quit trying to make ends meet, give up attempting to maintain a legitimate income, you will be hounded for everything you have.  I've been saying for a while that the real collapse won't come until the average American realizes he has nothing left to lose.  This could very well be the final ruin of the middle-class.

In the words of Emily from Iowa:
Recently our 2 year-old daughter had an ear infection. Went to the doc, got a prescription for an antibiotic. Went to the pharmacy to fill said prescription. I was expecting it to cost around 5 dollars because that’s what it cost the last time we had it filled. Wrong. It now costs 75 dollars. I paid 75 dollars for an antibiotic that used to cost us 5 dollars. When I asked the pharmacist, “Why the huge increase?” She replied, “Obamacare. And this is just the beginning.”
For more stories which will be detrimental to your blood-pressure, follow the link to The Matt Walsh Blog.  I read each and every one.  We're still covered by military health insurance, and I dread the day we'll have to face off with Obamacare.  With any luck, maybe we could join one of those religious co-ops if they're still exempt.  Shoot, at this point I'm considering settling in on welfare in an attempt to pull the whole edifice down sooner.  If we all give up at once, maybe we could just burn this administration to the ground and start from scratch.

This is one of the very few things that can make me stop and think, "Thank God we don't have kids."

America is essentially dead.  What on earth do we have now?


  1. It's awful. We saw our insurance change drastically because of Obamacare. I just keep hearing "those with health insurance will see no changes" echoing in my head....and making my blood pressure rise. We had amazing coverage, with decent premiums, no deductibles, just copays - now we have less than amazing coverage, higher premiums, high deductibles and a health savings account. Fortunately, The Man works for an amazing company who gave us $1000 to offset our deductible - it was a start, but was less than 1/2 the amount we have to reach before the coverage kicks in.
    It's all just awful. Yes, reform was - is - needed. This method is NOT it!

  2. That's it. I'm moving to Poland as soon as I can, where abortion is still illegal and their healthcare system is not this screwed up. I wonder if I can claim political asylum as persecuted in my own country? :/ Probably not but you never know...

  3. They're offering healthcare to a disenfranchised class by... disenfranchising everyone else. Elegant, that.

  4. I am losing my plan next year. If you like your plan, you can ... LOLZ suckers!

    It isn't even to help the poor. That's how they sold it, but there is only one beneficiary ... the medical/insurance complex.

    And have fun "just getting on welfare." That's not so easy as it sounds -- it's basically only for single mothers with no means of support. (Yes, of course that does discourage marriage, why wouldn't it?) People with no children may be eligible for food stamps, housing assistance, or disability pay, but they cannot receive welfare. If they could, you wouldn't see so many homeless men on the streets. If you are poor enough to get Medicare, odds are good you will be too poor to eat or get in out of the rain. We are not eligible for any subsidy, despite the fact that John's insurance (if we put all of us on it) would be 30% of our income. Obamacare will cost us even more. And that's with a deductible of $9,000 ... which in my book is like not having insurance at all, it's so far beyond what we could reasonably pay.