Saturday, May 23, 2009

Useful Information

The whole purpose of this site is to provide a forum for useful information about the wedding for those who would like it, and as a means to help friends and family keep track of us as the Navy moves us around afterward.  I tried one of those wedding sites, but it was just too complicated, hard to use, cluttered with stuff we didn't need, and a black hole for our personal information.  I'll probably be getting spam from photographers, caterers and florists for years.  Besides, this seemed like it could be easily adapted to serve our purposes long after the ceremony and reception are things of the past.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to promulgate useful information if you have none yourself.  As soon as we have any to share, the selection of wedding links will be expanded accordingly.  Take the virtual tour of the church if you haven't yet.  In the meantime we might have a chance to be in the same room long enough to get officially engaged.  That step seems to have been so much taken for granted that it was lost in the confusion.

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