Monday, August 6, 2012

Gentlemen, Please Wear Socks

Just out of curiosity, I went on a quick browse through the "Men's Fashion" category on Pinterest.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the selection did not feature many styles which were actually flattering to the male physique.  I thought high-water pants used to be an unforgivable fashion sin.  Are bare ankles in this year?

The emasculation of our society continues.  The fashion world tries so hard to be trendy, I think they forget that some things just look bad.  Sometimes knobbly ankles and toothpick legs are a fact of life, but for heaven's sake, don't advertise them.  High-water low-rise pants make it look like the wearer had a sudden freak growth spurt.  Gay or straight, you don't have to look silly.

Gentlemen, this is how you may wear pants.


  1. For me, "casual" means taking off my suit jacket.

  2. Besides, with longer pants no one can tell your not wearing socks. (saves laundry)