Friday, August 3, 2012

Things I Learned From Pinterest, Vol. I

1.  Spiders apparently aren't fans of cayenne pepper, so mix equal parts pepper and white vinegar and you have a non-toxic spider repellant.  I just applied this to all our outdoor window frames and had the little buggers running for cover.  However, don't try to put this concoction into a squirt bottle; use an old paint brush.

2.  Rubbing dry bar soap on itchy bug bites will afford almost instantaneous relief.  I tried this on a mosquito bite I acquired while applying the aforementioned spider repellant, and it worked like a charm.  Why, oh, why didn't we know about this while we were living in Texas?!

3.  You can grow a new batch of scallions if you put the rooty white ends in a glass of water.  I'm currently trying this, because I love scallions . . .

4.  BRILLIANT IDEA:  Freeze individual servings of fresh herbs in olive oil for future use, perhaps in an ice cube tray.  No more buying a whole bundle of cilantro just to let most of it wilt in the fridge!  Just pop out a cube as needed and toss it in the skillet.

5.  White vinegar is a great (and cheap) cleaning agent, but it can make your whole house smell like a pickle factory.  Make citrus-infused vinegar for cleaning by letting citrus peels soak in your vinegar for about two weeks.  Be sure to remove all the fruit pulp because you don't want sticky fruit sugars in your cleaning solution.  When your better-smelling vinegar is ready, dilute with water and you're ready to go.  This will be my next project.

6.  A random fact:

That probably says a lot about my sheltered adolescence. 

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