Sunday, November 25, 2012

Loud and Clear

Most of the time, messages from God can be generally vague and extrapolated from the resources provided for that purpose (Scripture, homilies, etc.).  We expect them to be mostly about living good Christian lives and that ongoing struggle that is increasing in virtue.  But sometimes, divine guidance can be very blunt, extremely specific, and about seemingly the most mundane things.

A few days ago, a friend of mine (he knows who he is) shared this inspirational meme on Facebook.

Of all the things I've been dreaming of doing, those Krav Maga classes I've been talking about for months jumped to mind.  I can procrastinate like no other, and I usually invent a string of excuses.  It probably costs too much, I'm too busy right now, I need to get in shape first, etc.

I've always wanted to take some kind of martial arts class, but frankly I've been too intimidated to actually take the plunge.  There's a Krav Maga studio right here in the neighborhood, so we can't beat it for convenience.  We have no kids to work around, and it's extremely unlikely that I'll be pregnant anytime soon.  I probably have more free time now than I ever will again.  Add to that, I now have a part time job that should cover the expenses.  As frustrating as these months alone can be while Dave is deployed, I'm feeling driven to find a semi-violent physical outlet.  Really, nothing is stopping me but me.

I was still thinking about it this morning, and puzzling out the details before Mass started.  I was sitting in my favorite section of my favorite pew, and just couldn't get it out of my mind.  I was so intent on it in fact, that it took me a while to notice that the church had shiny new hymnals in all the pews.  How nice.  As we all stood for the processional, I flipped open the one in front of me, and saw the dedication on the book plate inside the cover.

Generously donated by 
Krav Maga - Maryland

Are you serious?

Okay.  I'll pick up a class schedule tomorrow.


  1. Yeah, not a lot of obscurity in that message! What about Krav Maga interests you, just the studio's convenience?

  2. I like the functionality of it. The only kind of hand-to-hand fight I ever expect to be in, God forbid, is the down and dirty kind, so I don't really care about all the extraneous disciplines of the Asian varieties.

  3. You should so do it! (Especially with such a loud and clear message.)

    I was exactly where you were 4 years ago. I needed to do something to get active, stay fit, and increase self-discipline, without paying a lot of money.

    My wife and I attended a birthday party for her 8 year old niece at her karate school. I was so impressed by the instructor that the next thing I know, my wife and I are wearing funny uniforms. And it's also way cheaper than cable TV!

    Now, both of us now have 1st degree black belts in Tang Soo Do. My wife was even pregnant while taking lessons! I've also found our instructor to be a model Christian, too.

    Krav Maga is definitely one of the more practical martial arts- I bet you'll have a good experience!