Saturday, July 21, 2012

When the Husband Goes Shopping

The husband, being the extremely caring and helpful guy that he is, often volunteers to run to the store to "pick up a few things" if I don't feel particularly excited about doing it myself.  Unfortunately, when that happens I forfeit all right to police what food items are actually introduced into the home environment.  A few days ago, I walked into the kitchen and discovered a contraband variety of cereal which would never have ventured into my shopping cart sitting brazenly on my countertop.

Now, there is apparently a blog post pending about some of the problems created by the the culture of extended adolescence our country enjoys.  Krave cereal is something I would have grouped under that same heading.  It actually wasn't very surprising, as we had seen those vaguely disturbing commercials quite recently.  I'll admit I tried a bowl or two, but I didn't find it all that spectacular.  However, the husband likes it, and I suppose we must all have our vices.  Truth be told, I'm glad he hasn't completely lost touch with his inner child.


  1. Oh, I totally am with you on that!! My sweet hubby never comes home with just the stuff on the list! Just last week he brought home a shopping bag full of candy. -It was on sale!!! I said, "Oh great! I can have bigger hips at half the price!! Or should I let it all go to WAIST!!" All in good fun of course. He is so sweet, he knows I love a good Kit-Kat bar! (and so do my hips)

    Thanks for linking-up! You have both have a great blog!! God bless!

    1. Thanks! My husband is always bringing me chocolate, too. It's so cute.