Friday, July 20, 2012

Famous Relatives

Everyone likes to have a few famous relatives.  My foray into last year turned up a few more on my father's side than expected.  If I hadn't done that research, I should never have recognized this handsome face when we spotted him in the Ocmulgee National Monument gift shop last week.

The gentleman pictured is my 2nd great grand-uncle, Captain Jose Rafael de la Garza of San Antonio, Texas, who died at the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana.  He wasn't mentioned at all in the actual text, despite a lengthy write up about the Tejanos.  I bought a copy anyway.  I'll keep it with the compilation of his war letters Texas A&M published last year.


  1. Technically, is he really "Hispanic"?


    1. He's Hispanic enough. The Irish was pretty diluted at that point.

    2. Not sure what Hispanics and the Civil War had to do with the ancient Indian mounds in Macon, though.