Monday, February 14, 2011

The Verdict

Doctor says it's a boy.  Mom is going to take the doctor's word for it, because what mom saw looked more like Gollum.  Fortunately, we suspect his looks will improve in the next four months.

The good news is that everything seems to be surprisingly normal.  He isn't in breech position, as we suspected he would be, although it's too early to tell which way he'll end up.  All in all, we're hopeful.

In the meantime, I'm still on anti-nausea meds and enjoying the full onset of unmedicated hayfever.  I look miserable with my raw nose and puffy eyes, but secretly life is pretty good.  The clock is ticking down toward moving day, and our list of chores doesn't seem to be shrinking fast enough, but somehow I think we'll make it.


  1. Careful with the Gollum comments, or the "What are we gonna call him?!" debate may come to an unfortunate conclusion; and I don't want a nephew that everyone calls Smeagol. ;)

  2. Johnny already tried that, and it wasn't any worse than the Banana With Legs, was it? ;)