Monday, November 22, 2010

Tis the Season

The wind and the wet are finally back.  I always did like the cloudy grey look, and now I can finally put my spiffy new winter coat to good use.  Unfortunately, it also means the ants have been flooded out of their own homes and are running amok in the bathroom.  Being the same chronically disorganized California ants I remember from last year, they aren't good enough to march in straight lines, so I have no idea where they're coming in.  Standing by, with a bottle of Windex.

David was adamant that there would be no hint of Christmas festivities in the house until at least the first Sunday of Advent, despite the rest of the neighborhood.  That seemed reasonable to me, but when I explained that decorating the tree was a family affair and that he'd better get his homework done early, he decided the preceding Saturday would be just fine.