Monday, November 8, 2010

Jumping the Gun

I remember when the Bearenstain Bears were complaining that the Christmas season seemed to start earlier and earlier every year, even as early as the day after Thanksgiving.  Gasp.  Well, apparently somebody abolished Thanksgiving some time ago, because now it's Christmas as soon as the shriveled jack-o-lanterns go to compost.

It seems the importance and/or general impact of any holiday is directly related to it's marketability.  The grocery stores and caterers still have a special place in their hearts for Thanksgiving, but the rest of the retail forces have relatively little seasonal merchandise to peddle in November.  There are a few endcaps for the turkey napkins and paper plates, orange plasticware, and the occasional autumnal votive candle.  There are no Thanksgiving carols, no Thanksgiving gifts, no Thanksgiving candy.  This is probably a blessing in itself, but in practical terms it means that Santa is fair game two months in advance.

I love Christmas.  I've been waiting for months to unveil our awesome tree and play Charlie Brown music. But even I'd feel silly doing it this early.  The radio hasn't actually started playing carols yet, but the Christmas commercials fill the gaps.  Even the PX is starting to sneak instrumental renditions of The Twelve Days of Christmas over the intercom, sandwiched in between the usual non-seasonal selections.


  1. When Daddy and I were browsing for your birthday cards in early October, the Christmas carols were resounding through the Hallmark store. :?


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