Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ok, that was a nice blog vacation.  We got completely caught up in the day-to-day baby business and essentially forgot about blogging.  Now I think I'll actually make an effort to resuscitate it.

Also, a miracle happened!  The after eight months of lying in a coma collecting dust, the laptop lives!  It is woefully outdated, and needs a fresh operating system if I am ever to be able to download program updates, but it is still sufficient for my fanfiction writing needs.  Writing is something that also hasn't happened for nearly a year, but that was because the laptop took the last chapters to its grave, and the prospect of writing them again from scratch was just too disheartening.  Fortunately all data has been recovered and all the old projects have been revived.  Writing makes me feel like an independent adult rather than simply slave labor for an infant princess.

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