Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The First Two Weeks

There isn't too much more to report.  JoJo continues to be a great sleeper, except at night.  But even then, it isn't terrible.  A few well-placed naps make that situation manageable.  Also, my incision is healing nicely, so getting in and out of bed is much less odious than it used to be.

Nursing seems to be a complete bust at this point.  Her latch is terrible and she either gets frustrated or falls asleep before we can work on it much.  I want to assign her some reading from a book on the subject, but sadly she doesn't seem interested.  In the meantime, I'm pumping enough for twins, and the only drawback seems to be fussing around with cleaning bottles several times a day.  It's not what we envisioned, but I think we can make it work.  We've replaced all the plastic with glass bottles to avoid as many of those nasty endocrine-disrupting chemicals as possible.  She's gaining weight nicely, which is the important point.

More interesting updates to follow as she approaches her due date and becomes less grub-like.  She would be 38 weeks by now.

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