Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Upcoming Surgery

Ok.  I expected to be able to post actual 3D images of the ultrasound I had recently for visual exhibits, but the CD copy they gave me is completely unreadable to my laptop.  So I scoured Google for some stand-ins.

Here's a normal uterus, for the sake of comparison:

Exhibit A: The Ideal

Here's a partial septate uterus, like mine.  It looks more like a Y on the inside, but the outside is almost normal.

Exhibit B: Definitely Not Ideal

Here's the plan: surgically remove the septum.  They don't know that it's THE problem, but it's something they know how to fix.  

Exhibit C: Burn the Monster Out

Whatever.  It will mean a thirty minute out-patient procedure.  Might as well while we have no deductible and no co-pay.  It will probably mean re-instituting our semi-Josephite marriage arrangement, but we're old pros at that by now. 


  1. 30 minute, and outpatient? Wow. Wonders of modern medicine. Hope it all goes smoothly .... and that it actually helps.

  2. Prayers that all goes well!