Friday, September 27, 2013

Igor's American Dream

What is the American Dream?  Most Americans today don't know what it is, inflating the idea to proportions which would make the third world choke.  We drop everything we're doing to chase it, we bury ourselves in debt to buy it.  Is it having all the latest gadgets and all the best clothes?  Is it a better job, a pay raise and more vacation time?  I used to think it was a sprawling house in the suburbs with a shiny new car and a fancy pantry full of the fancy name-brand groceries.

How about just being able to have the opportunity to work hard and put food on the table?  How about being happy to just scrape by?

We could all stand to be more like this guy.  Igor knows how to appreciate the good things in life.

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, "Undercover Boss" features CEOs who are willing to go undercover for a short time to experience life in their companies.  This episode originally aired in 2010.  Igor's passenger is Joe DePinto, undercover CEO of 7-11.  By the time this whole little experiment was over, 7-11 arranged for Igor and his wife to have a nice vacation and their own 7-11 franchise in Richardson, TX.  According to the Yelp reviews, it is the cleanest, friendliest convenience store on the planet.

Be grateful for the little things, America.


  1. All I ever wanted to do was fly airplanes. Where else but America could an un-pedigreed, under-educated red neck actually get to do that, for over twenty years. I love this country. I also fly with pilots from all over the world who came here to work because it was impossible in their home countries.