Saturday, July 13, 2013

Retail Therapy

My cheap shoes are falling apart, so I sneaked out to do some shopping while the dog was already crated at home.  Normally I hate shoe shopping and never have much luck.  I was mainly in the market for casual black canvas flats for wear with skirts and capris.  That's just about the only thing I didn't find.

This was the closest thing I came up with.  But, man, are they comfortable.

Dr. Scholl's Women's Joliet

While I was there, I browsed through the high heels.  I've been looking for a successor pair to the ones I've been wearing for the last 4+ years.  I love them, but they won't last forever.  Unfortunately, finding an attractive classic heel amidst all the wedges and stilettos is almost always a losing prospect.  However . . .

Naturalizer Berta (not actually pictured above)

Score!  Actually this was the runner-up pair.  The ones I did get apparently don't exist on the Internet.  They are the same shape and style, just with better decoration.  Awesome, secret shoes.  You'll just have to see them in person.

ALSO, I never go barefoot around the house, but my cheap flip-flops always seem to get raggedy before the next summer.  So, risking Dave's wrath upon his return, I finally bought some Crocs.  Hey, don't laugh.

Crocs Patricia II

Stylish Crocs.  Who knew?!  I love 'em already.

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