Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Case In Point

Last month I posted a short rant about not feeling safe enough to use the neighborhood walking trails by myself.  People have called me paranoid for years, but what happened this morning seems to illustrate my point.

The husband and I were out for a brisk morning walk, trying to cultivate healthier habits.  Now that I have a large companion, we weren't afraid to venture into the wooded byways.  Watching crime shows in my spare time seems to have made me generally more observant, so when we passed a discarded hoodie sweatshirt in the weeds, I pointed it out and said (rather facetiously), "Ah, crime scene."  We thought nothing of it.

Returning home, we were approached by a police squad car creeping along the path.  The officer was anxious to know whether we had seen a fugitive wearing a grayish black hoodie sweatshirt with red lettering.  We hadn't seen the guy, but I was absolutely able to direct him to the sweatshirt.

You never know who you'll meet in the woods.


  1. Watch out for Little Red Lettering Hoodie while in the woods. Those childrens stories were told to us for a reason. It is nice playing the role of the woodsman with his .45 cal. "axe".

  2. Bev Howe likes this. ("This" applying to both the original post and the above comment.)

  3. It also makes you wonder about the hoodie you and I passed on OUR walk through the wooded trails . . . ;)

  4. Darn...I missed my greatest wit chance. I amend the above comment to "Little Red Writing Hoodie" Heh Heh...