Sunday, September 25, 2011


Despite the silence, we are indeed alive and well, just staying busy.  I'm working on seven different stockings at the moment, which I've discovered is pretty much as many as I can handle at any one time.  The current masterpiece has finally made its appearance on the website, so go have a look.  I'm also trying to compile a report of my intriguing findings about my father's family on in time for my brother's wedding in November.  More insightful posts will follow at some later date.

On another topic, I can't seem to settle on a permanent name for this blog.  Someday a really pithy one will present itself to me.  One of the latest ideas was "The Little People in the Big Picture," but that didn't really have any ring to it.


  1. Good to hear from you again, Steph... miss you.

  2. Call it "The Little People Living Under the Big People" :)

  3. Likewise, Meredith. Will you be at homecoming this year?

    Haha, Bev. You funny. ;)