Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, Resolutions and Such

Actually, I never thought about resolutions for 2011.  I probably should have, but I was too busy praying for relief from this two-month stomach bug they call morning (and midday, and evening) sickness.  Besides being useless when it comes to household chores like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, I can only hold down crap food, which isn't helping Dave live up to his new healthful resolutions at all.  I tried to have a banana and water for breakfast and threw up three minutes later.  Sugary juice and a horrible frozen "french toast" waffle actually make me stable for an hour.

At this point I don't really care what I'm eating so long as it doesn't meet the toilet before its time.  I have a steady record of losing weight during the first trimesters, so in my book any calorie is a good calorie.  In the meantime, I have my vitamin supplements to pick up the nutritional slack.  My fingers are shrinking rather than swelling; I lost my wedding ring for the first time on our first anniversary because it just fell off in the laundry basket.  Dave the hero found it after a frantic search of the house.

This is actually Dave's first day back in class after Christmas break.  It's high time I got my act together, or else we're both going to be fighting over the puke bowl in the car in the mornings.  After sleeping in for two weeks, apparently early breakfasts don't agree with him.  We certainly filled our vomit quota for 2010; here's hoping for a mostly vomit-free 2011.

In better news, we've officially passed 16 weeks and 3 days, three weeks longer than last time.  We're daring to hope for the best, although the second trimester offers a new variety of risks for us.  Apparently, statistics give us a possible 37-45% chance of miscarriage.  Not terribly encouraging, but it is what it is.

What I really want right now is a cold deli sandwich, but apparently all cold sandwiches are simply crawling with lysteria and are thereby verboten.  Getting tired of hot steamy food.

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