Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This is the housing at old Fort Ord.  Now that we've been here a while, it's actually starting to feel like home.  The house is a little drafty, but it helps keep the air fresh instead of letting the mold spores build up.  Cats, raccoons, and skunks have been seen at various times living beneath us, but they haven't smelled up the place yet.  The windows installed back in the day aren't the best quality, but David isn't a huge fan of sunlight anyway and likes to keep them covered most of the time.

The paint seems prone to chip, but it isn't too bad.  They gave us a disclaimer about it when we moved in, saying it was lead-based and to be careful not to let pets or infants ingest it.  Since we don't have any pets or infants, we don't worry about it.  The backyard also tends to get overgrown.  They mow almost everything as a courtesy, but they always leave the grass behind the fence.  We were considering renting a lawn mower, but all the plants pretty much died during the summer, saving us the trouble.

The maintenance hotline has been very helpful.  They'll send a guy out to fix whatever problem you may have within a day or two.  We've had to call them more often lately because of problems with the water pressure cutting out, and now the back screen door has fallen completely off it's tracks.

Apparently the housing company is starting to phase out these older houses in favor of new ones.  Sounds like a great idea to me.  I don't mind living in a place this drab temporarily, but I'd hate to be stuck here forever.

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