Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Grand Exploit

Several hours later, we seem to have solved several of our perceived problems. We do have to get everything done Friday, but we have more time to do it than we thought we did. Maybe we won't have to drive like maniacs after all.

And speaking of driving, this will be my first major solo commute in California. A combination of mediums have been employed in an effort to get me and my directionally-challenged mind safely to my destination without too many turn-arounds. I have been very thoughtfully provided with ye olde fashioned paper folding maps in addition to MapQuest (which can't seem to route its way through the correct highway) and the GPS (which produces an "Error" each time it approaches a certain town along the way, and doesn't seem to know about the particular gate through which I'm supposed to enter the base). Patchworking all three together, I think I can find my way down. I'm leaving plenty early, though, just in case.

Navigating to what remains of Fort Ord, however, is entirely upon David; neither MapQuest nor the GPS seems to know of its existence. He's produced a few miracles of organization already, so I expect it will be all right.

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  1. It's easyish to get to Ft. Ord. Drive past the NPS, as if you're going to Seaside. Turn right onto English (Drive/Road), which is right after an overpass. Continue and take the ramp onto 1 South and get off on Exit 404 or 406, whichever is 'Lightfighter Drive'. You have now reached Ft. Ord and that's the extent of my knowledge. Good luck!