Thursday, June 18, 2009

Registry Info

The elusive baptismal certificate did indeed arrive, and all the rest of the paperwork seems to be coming together nicely. It's just turning out to be more expensive than planned. >.<

I was initially opposed to wedding registries by nature because the idea seemed very mercenary. Weddings aren't supposed to be about how much stuff one can accumulate from the guest list. But everyone seems to want me to register somewhere, so as a favor to all our generously inquisitive guests I've made up a gimmie list, David & Stephanie's Wedding 2010. It's still undergoing some construction. Anything and everything will be appreciated.

There may not be any polite way to say it, but by no means feel guilty if you're thinking about just sending a gift card. With the Navy breathing down our necks, we can't help but observe that gift cards are very easily transported to a new household on the other side of the country.

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